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When I first came in Africa, I had to let go of whatever preconceived biases I could have had. The vast expanse of vegetation in front of me was serene, vivid, almost unreal, and dreamlike. It simply is beautiful. It’s amazing how for a moment I thought I was on a different planet from the earth and that a miracle was happening all around me. The earth’s aroma, brightness, sights, and sounds, which I could perceive with all my senses, greatly touched my heart. All I need now is more, more of Africa.

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This is what I refer to as «experienced luxury». Why? In addition to all the beautiful homes, the unspoiled, wild, and natural environment is valuable and cannot be bought. Having stated that, we wish to present something special to you, our friends. The ultimate luxury, which most people have never experienced. Here at Only One, we stand for this. In order to guarantee your complete safety, we will create a vacation schedule just for you based on your interests and preferences, while also providing you with assistance and care. Because Only One is a company that is focused on sustainability, traveling with us also means being aware of our shared obligation to the earth.

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