Suitcase, passport, visa, vaccinations, currency, tips, customs … obvious and not so obvious prior issues. These are some of our points to check before embarking on any adventure abroad.

And, whether you are a frequent or occasional traveler -or if you start with an adventure beyond our borders-, we offer you some tips that can make things a little easier:


1- Remember to scan or make copies of any important document.

2- Do not travel with excess luggage. Pack whatever you consider necessary, but forget about carrying items that you may not even use.

3- Check if you need a visa, as it could have changed your immigration policy.

4- Do not put all your money or other valuables in one place.

5- Do not forget to have all your medications or important documents in the carry-on bag.

6- If you travel outside the European Union, find out about the telephone conditions offered by your company.

7- Find out in advance the risk of contracting diseases at the destination and the recommended vaccines.

8- If you have health insurance, make sure that it covers the expenses in the country and if so, what kind of incidents.

9- If you put an electronic instrument in your suitcase, remember to turn the batteries over.

10- Prepare and enjoy! Planning everything in advance will help you relax during your trip and keep fewer things on your mind.