If you want to deepen your knowledge of the diversity and richness of the African continent, these 3 documentaries that we propose about Africa will nourish you with life stories, personal achievements, protests and different ethnic and cultural problems that have marked the history of the continent.


L’arbre Sans Fruit by Aïcha Macky (Niger)

This valuable documentary obtained relevant recognition in the African film industry.

Aïcha lives the torment of infertility in her home. She suffers and deals with social pressure, as infertile women in Niger come to be despised.


La Fille Du Rail by Eva Sehet (Mali)

Alima, West Africa’s first female machinist, has brilliant luck. Amid the shortages and unemployment that plague Mali, she has managed to obtain what few women achieve, a high-ranking job and great responsibility in a world ruled by men.


Le Verrou by Leila Chaïbi (Tunisia, Algeria)

This documentary presents a critical and reflective vision of three women: Hounda, Mabrouka and Faouzi, who question the woman’s body, female pleasure and her role in Tunisian society.