The Red Sea is a calm and peaceful sea, where a rich maritime life has flourished, making it one of the favorite destinations for lovers of beaches and diving.

Its calm and transparent waters allow visitors to know the impressive coral reefs and see unique species in the world; in fact, around 10% of the species that inhabit its waters are not found anywhere else in the world.

Another curious fact is that some hypotheses, around its name, attribute it to mountains rich in red minerals, called «ruby mountains» that abound in it; as well as the seasonal blooms of the cyanobacterium Trichodesmium erythraeum near the surface of the water. Another theory claims that the name comes from the Himarites, a local tribe whose name means «red.»

Without further ado, today we will mention 3 places that you should add to your list of trips in the Red Sea.


Naama Bay

This area, known as «Sharm» by thousands of happy visitors, is a place that brings together many attractions of various kinds, famous for its cafes, restaurants, hotels and bazaars.

It is a tremendously popular tourist complex throughout the year, where you can enjoy sunny and hot days in the summer. In addition, it is a starting point to reach the crystal clear water, full of fluttering fish in the Ras Mohamed National Park.


Giftun Islands

The two Giftun islands, Giftun Kebir and Giftun Sughayer, are part of a marine reserve in the Red Sea with spectacular coral reefs and slopes teeming with life. In its surroundings there are popular dive sites, making it an ideal destination for it.



In the waters of this Israeli city you can practice endless water activities. It is a special place recommended for those looking for sun, beach and good services, here summer never stops.

The color of the water on its beaches is predominantly turquoise while, when you get closer, you see that the water has such a great transparency that you can observe all the fish that inhabit this area.

During your visit to Eilat you have to know this place, «Rif Hadolfinim», here the dolphins live in freedom. They are not locked in an aquarium, they swim and decide who to approach

And for those who prefer not to get wet, they can visit the Underwater Observatory Park, in this underwater aquarium where you can see more than 800 species of colorful fish, corals, sharks, rays, turtles and other animals from the Gulf of Eliat.