Africa, in addition to possessing a unique beauty and culture; It is also the forerunner of many of the inventions that have played a significant role in the advancements of our day. Read to the end to learn some facts about the most curious inventions on the African continent.



The mathematical object considered the oldest of humanity (35,000 years BC) was found in Swaziland; that bone was a lunar calendar, and not only lunar but «lunisolar.» The truth is that between one full moon and another, a little more than 29 days pass, so it seems consistent that 29 exact lines are marked on it. It is similar to the calendar still used by some Khoisan groups in Nimibia.



Glassmaking flourished in Egypt and Mesopotamia until 1200 BC. Glass objects and household utensils have been found, made thousands of years ago. The first are estimated to have been created around 4,500 years ago.



The Mesopotamians, Persians or Egyptians were the first creators of perfumes. And, in Egypt, for example; Almost 4000 years ago, people used to use essences in religious ceremonies when preparing the deceased, and even to wear them every day. The fragrance was thought to be the sweat of the sun god Ra and was therefore considered a sacred attribute.



The first finds date from 2400 BC. C. and are originally from Egypt. The papyrus is extracted from the pith of the homonymous plant that grows along the banks of the Nile.