Traveling disconnects and makes you feel free for a few days, you get the adventurous spirit that you thought you did not have, and even awaken new feelings and tastes for something that you had never been interested in.

Something that we are probably sure about and agree is that traveling the world is something that we cannot miss in our life. And while it is true that planning a trip can be quite interesting and exciting, it does not stop being a great job that requires a lot of time to inform yourself, find hotels, flights and a thousand things that you will have to do for days, weeks or months.

That is why today we would like to tell you about the 5 great advantages of booking with a travel agency like Only One.


Know the most important of each destination

One of the great advantages of booking with a travel agency is undoubtedly the great planning behind it. This means that you are not going to leave the destination you have chosen to travel without seeing the main tourist places.


Meeting new people on the trip

Keep in mind that if you travel in a group and everyone has chosen the same destination, it is because they have the same tastes and interests as you, so a great friendship can be derived from that trip.


Personalized attention

There are many doubts that arise when traveling. You don’t know if you have to get vaccinated, you don’t know if you need a passport or not, you have questions about your luggage or you simply have so many destinations in mind that you don’t know which one to decide on. With an agency you can receive help in all the doubts and questions you have and they will make you only worry about the enjoyment of the trip.



Thanks to travel experts, through a travel agency you will have the security of knowing that the visits will be made in non-conflictive areas and always trying to know the most important places.


Time saving

Knowing that you are going on a trip and not thinking about having to hire hotels, flights or excursions is undoubtedly an advantage that is greatly enjoyed. Just think about how well you are going to have a good time enjoying that dream trip that you have been waiting for so long.

And this is a luxury that any travel agency allows you.