Technology covers more and more aspects of our life, with the intention of making it easier. Allowing us even more possibilities to manage our itinerary and access information about the place we are visiting.

To help you enjoy it to the fullest, we bring you the best apps for traveling.


My Cloud

Are you ready to soak up the stories of other fans to know like you? If your answer is yes, then Minube is for you. It is a meeting point for thousands of travelers, where they share their experiences and recommendations.

In each section you can consult the testimonies of those who have already passed through the place you want to find out. In this way, you will get an opinion, as well as an assessment of both restaurants and accommodation and the points of interest themselves.


Google Trips

The latest travel app to hit the market is Google Trips and it is meant to be your «personalized pocket tour guide.» The best thing is that it allows you to access the information you need without being connected to the internet.

This maps application allows you to download maps by geographical areas and is designed to be used without Internet access, making it ideal for moving around countries where Internet access is limited or paid.



It contains some 385 million opinions and reviews from other travelers around the world. It is a very popular app among travelers, which has been downloaded more than 340 million times, according to Forbes data.


SAS Survival Guide

Designed by a former British Army soldier, it offers hundreds upon hundreds of survival tips. Although you most likely will not find yourself in an emergency situation of this type, it is always good to know a few tricks.