It is the light of life, of the African sun, of the birth of everyone and everything.

Discover these 5 countries that will make you fall in love with Africa!



Ethiopia is not only one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, but it also has the honor and pride of being the only one that was never colonized by a European power.

Ethiopia is an ancient country whose unique cultural heritage, rich history, and remarkable biodiversity are reflected in a count of nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, more than any other country in Africa. Within its borders, you will find the fourth holiest Islamic city in the world, as well as being the oldest continuously occupied city south of the Sahara. Antiquities include the medieval rock-cut churches of Lalibela and Gheralta, ruined palaces and temples dating back 3,000 years, the magnificent 17th-century castles of Gondar, and the oldest human fossils unearthed anywhere on the planet. Added to this are the beautiful Simien and Bale Mountains, the spectacular volcanic landscapes of the Danakil Depression and a host of mammals and birds found nowhere else in the world and it is no wonder Ethiopia has become the Africa’s most attractive and popular emerging tourist destination.


South Africa

Family vacations and honeymoon getaways, affordable breaks and luxury safaris, outdoor adventures and gourmet experiences, South Africa vacations really do suit all tastes and budgets, but if you’re not sure where to start then you can start by relaxing. .



Morocco is a great combination of very diverse landscapes.

Morocco has a long history and is a traditional kingdom that has been handed down for centuries. Morocco has built a unique culture by combining various elements such as the intersection of Europe, Africa and Arab, and has nine World Heritage sites of which the people are proud.

Morocco has many attractive handicrafts. Carpets, leather products such as Babush (sandals), wooden products, fabrics, interior metalwork accessories, accessories, minerals such as fossils and sahara rose, ceramics, rose perfume, parquet, etc. You will be surprised by the abundance of various Moroccan products. The prices are not marked in the market (souk), so it is Moroccan style to enjoy artisan shopping while negotiating prices.



Gabon is an intact natural area of ​​80% of the country and 11% of the country is designated as a national park. It is a country where ecotourism is active, focusing on the conservation of the natural environment. The economy is stable due to its rich natural resources and small population.
Although unfamiliar in Japan, Gabon is the country where Dr. Schweitzer dedicated his life to humanitarian medical practice, which is still respected around the world. The clinic he built is still open and can be visited.



The diverse geography and flat terrain of Botswana makes it one of the most interesting destinations to visit. The savanna ranges from dry areas in the southwest to the great salt flats of the north of the Makgadikgadi.

One of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world is the Okavango Delta, it is an inland oasis created by the summer rains from the highlands of Angola. In 2014, the Okavango became the 1000th UNESCO World Heritage Site. The seasonal months bring incredible diversity and the dark storms in the afternoon offer a spectacular sight.

In summer, wildlife can drink from several wells and take refuge in the understory, away from the midday heat. The Tswana people make up the majority of the Botswana population with the official language being English.