When we think of Africa, gastronomy is not usually the aspect that stands out the most, but if we start to imagine what it would be like to taste such dishes, an experience full of flavor, smell and color probably comes to mind.

Today we will talk about some dishes that will make you want to immerse yourself in that Africa of spices, meats and stews, fruit of its own roots and European, Indian or Chinese influence.


Piri piri chicken (Mozambique)

Chicken piri-piri is a provocative dish with roots in Africa and Portugal. A delicious grilled chicken with a touch of spice, an interesting way to prepare grilled chicken. It originates from Angola and Mozambique, after Portuguese settlers brought hot peppers from their homeland during colonization.


Romazava (Madagascar)

This is the national dish of Madagascar, it consists of vegetables with zebu meat, tomatoes and onions, typically accompanied by a serving of rice.


Pastela (Morocco)

This Moroccan dish is a cake that will surprise our palate thanks to a combination of sweet and salty with the perfume of cinnamon. It is a kind of puff pastry made with filo dough stuffed with onion, pigeon meat or chicken, parsley and almonds.


Suya (West Africa)

The «yours» or «soy» is the quintessential street food of Africa. It consists of a skewer of minced and roasted beef, usually made with skewered beef, mutton or chicken, with a mixture of hot spices with peanuts.


Ugali (Tanzania)

Also known as chasm, sembe, or posho, it extends throughout East Africa and is considered a staple food in this area. It is made with corn flour. It is a porridge that is made from fresh corn after crushing it, it is that starch that when cooked in boiling water becomes consistent, it is used in breakfast called Uji (Ogi, in East Africa), and if that mass becomes consistent and You can easily make a ball called Ugali (Agidi in East Africa. For this cereal to acquire the flavor that is very important, it will be cooked in the broth, either chicken or meat instead of water.