Movies are an excellent way to get to know and get into a place and, this list that we will present to you today will help your adventure through the continent begin, even from the comfort of your home; setting you up and increasing your desire to travel through Africa.


Supa Mode

This film is an Oscar nominee, representing Kenya, and is likely a classic in African cinemas. Supa Modo is the uplifting story of a terminally ill girl whose greatest wish is to bring a superheroine to life in a movie; the people of her town come together to fulfill her dreams, convincing her that she has special powers.


Blood diamonds

Film nominated for five Oscars and set in the civil war in Sierra Leone in the 1990s, where peasants were forced to work in the diamond mines. Solomon, one of the workers of the aforementioned mines, worked forcibly in one of the most important mines in the country, found a valuable diamond, which he decided to keep despite the fact that it could have caused his death. It is a film that insists on the horror given off by the evil of man.


Memories of Africa

This film is a portrait of life during colonial times in Africa, it tells the life of a young Danish woman who marries her cousin, whom she follows to Central Africa where she ends up running a coffee plantation. Her husband gives her syphilis and they are soon separated.



This film, considered the hidden gem of Netflix, is based on the story of Adaeze, a woman who is determined to take the reins of her father’s transportation company. That, blinded by sexism, the family patriarch favors his son to take the position of responsibility to which Adaeze aspires, which spurs her to work even harder to prove her worth.


Sew the Winter to My Skin

The film is inspired by the life of John Kepe, a Robin Hood-style rebel who lived in a mountain cave while robbing settler white farmers to give to the indigenous poor, eluding capture for years.