Arguably the greatest fear of those who travel alone is the idea of ​​feeling alone, it is a fear based on a fallacy: travelers, after all, are usually sociable people, but to help break the ice we have brought 5 tips to forget this fear.


Join a group circuit

Whether on a road trip to a remote town or on a day trip up the mountain. This type of activity generates a feeling of camaraderie, especially when there are challenging activities and long journeys require a good talk to better support the experience.


Eat at a bar counter

Eating at the bar not only allows you to save the drink of asking for a table «for one person», but also offers the opportunity to chat with the diner next door.


Connect online with a traveler

In recent years, a lot of apps have emerged to help travelers connect with each other on the road.


Help take pictures

«Do you want me to take a picture of you?», With the universal gesture of shooting the camera, it is perhaps the least notorious way to start a conversation with a stranger in a foreign country.


Say hi!»

Travel may be the only situation in life in which everyone you come across is willing to connect, so give yourself a chance to have a chat.