If you are romantic, curious or even like astronomy, you probably love stargazing at night and Africa is one of the best continents in the world for star gazing.

And, today we will be able to confirm how incredible the African skies are by mentioning the best places in Africa to do astrotourism.


Namibia and its deserts

Visiting Africa’s first Dark Sky Reserve in the Namibian desert, whether from a jeep, a balloon or on foot, is an unforgettable experience.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve within the Namib Desert, has been the first to obtain the first DarkSky certification as an international reserve with dark skies in Africa. In fact, its skies are the darkest on the planet. Thus, in the NamibRand Nature Reserve they are concerned with maintaining this natural heritage and preserving its night sky intact, as well as «conserving all the indigenous natural resources found in the Reserve.



To observe giant galaxies, stars and planets in the great Tanzania, you can visit the Singita Sasakwa refuge. In addition, the country, thanks to the breadth of its parks and the absence of pollution, is a magnificent place to observe the stars without doing it in a professional or technical way.


South Africa, home of SALT

Southerland is one of the best destinations for astronomy lovers; its dark and clear skies are known to astronomers around the world. In addition, it is home to the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere, SALT.


Morocco, of thousands of stars in the desert

For those who are going to enjoy Morocco in relaxation, the desert at night offers a unique view of the sky. An experience that you will not forget sleeping in a haima in the middle of the Sahara.