You will lose track of time

How long does it take a human to closely observe one of the Big 5? Long, long time.


You will want to jump out of the jeep, even if you know that it is forbidden

How to resist the temptation to get down for a little while to squeeze that baby monkey or the cheetah cub or the lion that looks like a stuffed animal?


You will probably never set foot in a zoo again in your life

Once you experience the power of a pride of lionesses stalking their prey or the peaceful coexistence between zebras and wildebeest, you will never want to set foot in one of these places.


You will have a regression to your childhood

Get ready for all kinds of exclamations, surprise gestures and happy faces every time a lion appears or an elephant passes near the jeep.


After going on safari, you won’t be the same

When the guide tells you that every 15 minutes an elephant dies at the hands of poaching or that rhinos are counted for the same reason, you will feel terrible. There will undoubtedly be a lot to ponder during and after a safari.

But above all, after seeing lephants eating peacefully meters away, zebras grazing near your tent, giraffes camouflaging themselves among the branches of the trees. Better than any NatGeo documentary in 3D. How do you return to a «normal» life after that?