Going on a safari in Africa is always a unique and very exciting experience.

But you should know that, today, there are as many different ways to enjoy a safari as there are animals in nature. So it is important to be very clear about the type of experience that we are going to live so that you take into account a series of recommendations on what to do and what not to do before embarking on the adventure.

And today is your lucky day, because in this post we will capture these basic tips to live your safari in the best possible way.


Get the mandatory and recommended vaccinations

To go on a safari in Africa, this question depends a lot on the country you are going to. Since vaccines can be mandatory, that is, the country you are going to requires that you have previously been vaccinated with something in particular, or recommended, that is, they are not mandatory.

However, try to put on the most recommended ones such as malaria (which in some African countries are mandatory to enter).


Choose a good time

Animals roam freely in parks and reserves throughout the year, so any season is suitable for a safari in Africa, but it is true that between the months of June to September it will be a little easier to observe animals, because the vegetation is not so exuberant and they cannot be camouflaged so well.


Wear appropriate clothing for a safari

The ideal clothing for a safari in Africa is the one that is most comfortable for us. Of course, it must be taken into account that first thing in the morning it is usually quite cold and at noon it will be terribly hot. Therefore, it is important to wear several layers that we can take off as the day progresses.


Don’t just focus on the Big Five

When we talk about the big five, it is about the lion, the elephant, the leopard, the hippopotamus and the buffalo. It’s okay to set yourself this goal, but don’t make the mistake of being so focused on waiting for them that you end up missing the rest of the show.


Silence, respect and common sense

Of course, we must always respect the silence of the environment and not cause noise, and we must always follow the instructions of the guide or the driver