The fear of traveling alone is one of the great impediments when undertaking a trip. It is very normal to feel insecure, with many doubts and with a terrible fear that our plan does not meet our expectations and many times, that insecurity is what does not allow us to take the step.

So pay more attention to your desires and your convictions and do it. It will be worth it, we assure you! Follow our advice and you will surely not regret it.


Don’t let fear stop you

What exactly is it that terrifies you? Lose you? Boring? What do they steal from you? That they mugged you? Not being able to enjoy the trip? It is important that you identify what you are afraid of so that you can take action on the matter in this way.

It is true that there are safer places than others, where you can travel more relaxed. But if you have a modicum of common sense, traveling alone is not dangerous. Visualize those terrifying situations, how to avoid them and what you would do if they happened to you.


Get informed

We live in the information age, where almost instantly you get the answer to your questions with just one click.

So get ready to find out not only the destinations and hotels of your reservation, but also everything related to the requirements of access to the country, necessary vaccines, security, medicine and transportation. This information can be found on official portals of the country you will visit, in embassies, travelers’ blogs and pages like this one.


Believe in yourself

Leaving our comfort zone can provoke emotions never found, but it is once outside, once in front of that obstacle or difficulty, when we have no other choice, our ingenuity and resources come to light.


Travel with health insurance

Whether you are someone healthy like an apple or a person with some type of medical condition, whether you go with or without fear, traveling with medical insurance is always recommended.


Start with the first step: book a ride

There is no going back: once at the destination, you will have no choice but to make your way. And you will have some fear, yes, but mixed with adrenaline and happiness.