Any adventure that takes us out of the routine is nourishing for the spirit.

Follow these 7 tips and you will ensure that your trip is much more than a getaway:


-Avoid anxiety prior to the trip, since it is a reality that there are transport strikes, train derailments or baggage delays.

-Do not choose a destination because it is a must or because all your co-workers have been there. Traveling is an act of personal freedom, not emulation.

-Paraphrasing the old saying, tell me who you travel with and I will tell you if you enjoy or suffer. If you don’t have companions who bring lightness and positivity, seriously consider traveling alone.

-Much better than seeing places and observing human fauna as if we were in a zoo, is to mix with local life and, as far as possible, follow their customs.

-Be a humble tourist. Problems in hotels, in shops, with locals or with other tourists can appear at any time. Keep calm, smile and continue with your travel plan.