These purposes are not only doable, they are also fun to accomplish; So if you’ve made it this far, it’s time to take notes and set new goals and future travelers for this year:


Purpose 1: Stop postponing the trip

There are many factors that prevent travel, but when the valid reasons are nothing more than comfortable alternatives to avoid taking a ‘risk’, it is time to stop and think.

It is convenient to identify the barriers that prevent taking the step and overcome them.


Purpose 2: Learn to disconnect

The way technology seems to have reconfigured our brains with the need to always be connected, a trip can be the ultimate antidote.

It is advisable to delete email apps and disable notifications from social networks.


Purpose 3: practice responsible tourism

Understanding the impact of tourism on the planet has never been more vital than now. Fortunately, there are many alternatives for sustainable tourism and measures such as avoiding the use of plastic bottles or using public transport by land.


Purpose 4: Connect with the locals

Get to know the ‘authentic’ local culture and return home with a good memory.

With the sharing economy booming, it’s easier than ever to enjoy private home stays, cooking classes, and local guides.


Purpose 5: get out of the comfort zone

Making this year the year of change: that the traveler dares to travel in another way, traveling is a simple and effective way to get out of the comfort zone.

Try traveling alone or forgetting about your planned itinerary and dare to say “yes” more often.