Crafts, especially those related to travel, are a perfect option to keep our passion for travel alive while we are confined.

So today, we have created a small list of travel accessories that you can make at home. Pay attention and create.


Passport cover

Passport covers are a nice way to express our personality.

From chic, understated black covers, to eye-catching patterned covers that customs officers see from a mile away.


Luggage tags, a very effective travel accessory

It is a good idea to make one for each member of the family, or several for each piece of your own luggage.



An eye mask is an ideal travel accessory. Whether it is used to hide the sunlight, the cockpit lights, or to lose sight of an annoying seatmate.


Tote bag

Made from old jeans or a collection of scraps, the tote bag is a highly versatile travel accessory that everyone loves. If you add pockets, a cord or braided handles, the tote bag can become a true reflection of our style.



Travel pillows have become a staple for touring the world. And it turns out that these comfortable accessories are very easy to make at home.