Kenya is a shopper’s paradise when it comes to finding unique items and souvenirs.

With over 43 tribes, the inventive amount of creativity and originality is mind-boggling. Read on to see what unique hidden treasures Kenya has in store for upcoming travelers. Discover the magnificent souvenirs that you will only get in Kenya:


Kazuri beads

Kazuri beads come from the Maasai people and are used to create colorful necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The beads have become a part of the Kenya tour package.


ebony carvings

Ebony sculptures are usually the work of Akamba wood carvers. Ebony is prevalent in the eastern region of Kenya, which is home to the Kamba community. His work is so prolific that it is distinct throughout the sub-Saharan region.


Mantai Maasai

Traditional Maasai blankets are made from soft cotton or wool and are perfect for cold weather. They are usually dyed red and may have another color mixed in as well.


More expensive

Kenyan masks are mainly for aesthetic purposes. Unlike other African cultures that attach religious significance to a mask, the wooden masks that can be found in craft stores are just souvenirs to remember the country.


Maasai Spear

Maasai spears mean a lot to the community. A spear is usually embedded outside the moran’s house to indicate his presence in the house, as well as being a weapon of choice.



The hand-woven baskets from the Kamba community are beautiful and come in a wide variety of colors. They are made from the sisal plant and are used for everything from grocery shopping to being considered a fashion piece.