In Egypt, travelers will have the opportunity to visit one of the most unusual sandy regions in the world, the Black Desert and the White Desert. These are the main attractions of the Bahariya oasis, one of the five inhabited oases in the western desert of Egypt.

Gloomy landscapes and, at the same time, extremely attractive offer us these places that seem supernatural; as part of another planet. Tourists come to admire them from all over the world.

Located 45 kilometers north of the Farafra oasis, in western Egypt, is the so-called White Desert. The desert is creamy-white in color, and dotted with huge “chalk” rock formations. It occupies an area of ​​700,000 km2 and hides dunes, gorges, oases and incredible natural sculptures the color of snow in its most surprising portion.

De "A photograph is a secret about a secret..." - originally posted to Flickr as Black Desert, CC BY-SA 2.0,

De «A photograph is a secret about a secret…» – originally posted to Flickr as Black Desert, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Very close to the White Desert, is the Black Desert, 150 kilometers from Farafra, an uninhabited area that only receives visitors who hire organized trips to the Farafra oasis, the white desert (which is much smaller). Its name comes from the black volcanic rocks that dot the landscape. has its unique character, Crystal Mountain, which is often called the Jewel of the Desert. It is made up of quartzite crystals and looks amazing in the rays of the sun. A few decades ago, that natural feature was found quite by accident. Local residents for several years used the minerals to build the road.