Rwanda is beautiful, the stable climate throughout the year, mountainous landscape of swampy marshes, plateaus and magnificent animals make it the ideal destination for a vacation in the wildest Africa.

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Meet the wild gorillas in Rwanda volcano National Park! 3-day, 4-night trip


The tour starts from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and we move to Volcano National Park the next day with a private car.
After the arrival we will go on expedition in search of gorillas. In the park, gorilla tracking is limited to 8 people per day, the time limit that can be spent with the gorilla is 1 hour.

You can look for gorillas with a group of specialized guides.

The meeting rate with gorillas is more than 90%, and if you’re lucky, you can meet a cute gorilla baby!
A special permit is required to enter the national park, and the benefits obtained are used to protect endangered gorillas.


Take a look at Rwanda’s history in a turbulent time, feel nature and get to know wildlife, like gorillas!

Rwanda is known as the «Country of a Thousand Hills» due to the mountainous terrain, and its land is covered with green, mountainous areas. On the tour, you’ll get to know wildlife like gorillas and chimpanzees in the national park while learning Rwanda’s history and touching past.

We set up chimpanzee trekking tours in Nyungwe National Park that take one day and a day of gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

When you’re free, we recommend visiting African souvenir shops/vendors at the local market. Most of Rwanda’s nature remains intact, especially the waterfalls and Lake Kivu ecosystem. Join us, let’s go on a charming tour of the beautiful, small country that is Rwanda!