As a couple, with friends, with family… traveling together can be a super rewarding and fun experience, as long as you choose the people you do it with very well.

On the one hand, there is the economic issue. Traveling with more people you will have a larger budget to do activities or excursions because you will save on accommodation, food and transportation.

If you are abroad and you do not fully defend yourself with the language, surely you will make each other understand each other. You will have the skills of your companions for mutual benefit.

Having someone by your side will make you feel more secure and reduce your stress level. You will not have to be on the alert for possible dangers all the time.

Although at times you need your own space, a travel companion is always great to share anecdotes, impressions and adventures that occur during it. You will strengthen ties and get to know each other better.

You will test your ability to coexist. In addition to your complicity growing, it will help you to know how to share, to be patient, leave individualism behind and learn more about the tastes of the rest. Your emotional relationship will come back stronger.

Among the disadvantages it is worth mentioning that organizing a trip for several is not an easy task. Conflicts will always arise when making any decision with opinions for all tastes.

If you are one of those who thinks that “time is gold”, forget about it. You will lose precious time moving people around, especially first thing in the morning with showers and breakfasts. If it is also difficult for them to get up early, activate your «Zen Mode» and do not panic.