When planning your trip to Africa, you have several options to do it, and one of them is to hire a tourist trip with a travel agency. And, although at this time the new technologies and private labels make it seem that the hiring of vacation packages through this medium is something classic, intended for a more mature audience and for very preconceived routes. There is nothing further from the truth.

In fact, depending on your profile and how you like to travel, turning to a travel agency may be the ideal solution. Due to the evolution that the world of tourism is having, with an increasing offer of platforms and services on the Internet that make it easier and easier to organize a trip on your own.

Next we are going to highlight the main advantages of signing up for a trip organized by a travel agency.


Save time

With Only One you don’t have to «think» or spend almost any time preparing for your trip. Almost everything is planned in detail and you will not miss any of the rigorous visits in the place you visit. Not that you stop seeing due to lack of time or unforeseen events, our tourist packs contemplate all the assumptions.

We work with travel specialists who will do all that work, always looking for the best possible experience for you. Also hiring local guides who know the history and culture of the place.


Know the most important of each destination

In a trip organized by Only One, we usually include the most touristy shows or activities, and there are destinations that, due to their characteristics, the ideal thing is to make the trip with the help of an agency.


Security and advice

There are many doubts that arise when traveling and, for that, there is the customer service of our travel agents who know the business well, have contacts and are experts in the sector. This allows them to advise you on the best time to go to a specific country, locate the best offers and advantages offered by certain wholesalers, you can benefit from advantageous prices.



It is surely the main advantage of going to Only One to plan your next vacation. And it is precisely the planning that allows us to organize the days, the flights, the search for accommodation, the route, the excursions …