No matter what the reasons for traveling alone are, in any case the advantages of venturing alone will be -to a greater or lesser extent- the same.

– You will become a more creative being, since you will have to find new ways to solve problems. You will also have to become a logistics professional for planning routes, transfers, lodging, food…

– You will learn new languages, which will help you find better jobs during your trip and upon your return, among many other advantages.

– Your mental health will improve, you will learn to enjoy unique moments alone, you will become independent, you will practice calm and your self-awareness will significantly increase. It will be the opportunity to detox from technology.

– Your “comfort zone” will become bigger and bigger, your exposure capacity will increase, you will have to face your weaknesses to become a more compassionate and flexible person. You will recognize your inner strength and see that you can deal with the unknown. You will learn to “make things happen” instead of “expecting them to happen”.

– You will discover that although you travel alone you are never alone. You will forge friendships for the rest of your life, you will learn to live with very different people, who will end up changing your vision of the world.

– Your compassion will increase, you will celebrate freedom every day of your journey and you will become more disciplined.