Africa, the birthplace of humanity and civilization, is also where the people first created and wore jewelry. Perforated snail shells, [the size of a pea], used about 75,000 years ago, have been unearthed in a cave called Blombos (South Africa). In Kenya, pearls over 40,000 years old [designed with perforated ostrich egg shells] were discovered.

As time passed, African artisans improved their manufacturing techniques, resulting in some of the most beautiful and perfect jewelry in the world today. Often their sale is dedicated to tourism, and many of them are pure African-inspired jewelery produced in unique and impressive ways. The production and sale of handmade and high-end beads are an important source of income for current tribal peoples.

What better detail to remember an unforgettable trip? Africa, incomparable tourism.

7 Commonly Used Materials in Luxury African Jewelry:
Carved stone
sea shells
Animal teeth and fur