Let us help you plan your unique and original trip during this month of February.

Discover our ideal Africa tours for February:


Tour of Tunisia on the Kaltago ruin, the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea, 8 days

The journey to enjoy all the attractions of Tunisia!
Roman ruins, sacred Islamic holy sites, eternal Sahara desert, beautiful Mediterranean. Travel efficiently through the attractions of Tunisia.

The tour starts from Tunis, the capital. Explore the exotic Arab culture as you explore the old town. You can visit the oldest mosque, the Grand Mosque, in the ancient city of Kairouan, a world heritage city and holy place of Islam. Majestic Islamic art is a masterpiece. In the great Sahara desert, a sandy land that you long for, you can ride a camel and enjoy activities if you wish. In the Ksar Ghilane desert oasis, you will stay in a tent with a shower and an air-conditioned bathroom, and enjoy the desert night in comfort. At the end of the trip, you will visit the beach resorts of Sousse, Hammamet and Sidi Bou Said, where the contrast between the blue and white walls of Tunisia is the best. Enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.


7 days classic Morocco tour

One week trip to the highlights of Morocco
Explore Moroccan attractions like Xauen, Fez, Merzouga, Todgha Gorge, Ait Ben Hadu and Marrakech.

Morocco is full of photogenic spots, perfect for exploring the media! Basically we have a free plan so you can move at your own pace in the most flexible way possible. Of course, it is easy and comfortable to use the private car for airport transfers and other attractions. We have prepared a comfortable hotel for your stay.

Your driver and guide will answer your questions! In addition, it is also possible to attach a guide through the option.


5 days in Cape Town

The power spots of the earth that you can feel with your five senses
Starting with a winery tour where you can sample wines from South Africa, you can visit the Cape of Good Hope, which is located in the most southwestern part of the African continent, and is familiar with history textbooks. I will visit.

Aim at the summit while watching the magnificent panoramic scenery on the cable car that rotates 360 degrees. At the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a spectacular view of small animals, rare plants, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and two oceans.

Let’s go and feel the power of nature in a place that is said to be the power spot of the earth!