Visiting Africa is immersing yourself in a wide culture, which is surrounded by a unique fauna.

Undoubtedly, it is of the utmost importance to highlight some truly fascinating aspects of African Fauna: Interesting Features, you can add them to your list of curious facts about the continent:

The African flora is characterized by:

-Shrubs, trees, palms and mosses. Lush vegetation is found within the zone near the mountains of Cameroon and Angola.

-An exotic flower called hydnora africana, native to Africa. It has no chlorophyll and resembles a carnivorous flower. It usually grows on the roots or in the ground, and is capable of secreting a strange putrid smell that attracts insects.

-Predominance of goats, sheep, camels and domestic animals, especially in the northern region.

-Predominance of exotic and wild animals, such as elephants, cheetahs, buffaloes, lions, hyenas, ostriches, among others, and more than 1,300 species of mammals, birds, and reptiles.