Africa is a continent with many deeply rooted aboriginal customs that continue to this day.

Next, we will see the traditions and customs that make Africa a unique place and a destination surrounded by nature and surprising customs.


themed coffins

The Ga ethnic group in Ghana designs the coffins of the deceased according to their profession or their tastes.


Khwata ceremony

This is one of the most important traditions for Africans, since it consists of men, upon reaching the age of majority, certifying their virility. The dynamic consists of transferring the young men to a cabin for circumcision.


Spit your blessings

Most Maasai tribesmen in Kenya and Tanzania have a tradition of spitting on their blessings to bring good luck. In fact, men have the right to spit on newborns and Maasai warriors to benefit them.


Deep cleaning

In Malawi, the Chewa people cleanse the deceased from the inside. When a person dies in the family, they take the body to the forest, cut his throat and pour water into the body to clean it well.


Mother in law

In the Turkana tribe, in Kenya, the mother-in-law cannot enter the house of her daughters once they are married, it is disrespectful to her husband.