Africa is a culturally diverse continent, with strongly rooted Aboriginal traditions to this day.

Next, we will see some of the most curious traditions of the continent:


Buying the bride:

This is one of the most controversial African traditions in the Southern area in which the families of the bride and groom negotiate the amount that the groom must pay for the bride. Its purpose, they say it is, to bless a nuptial union.

During this custom there are certain rules to follow, for example that all negotiations must be done in writing, neither by phone nor in person. The two families cannot even speak to each other until negotiations are complete.


Themed caskets:

The fantasy or figurative coffins of Ghana are functional coffins made by specialized carpenters in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. The reason they mainly use such elaborate coffins for their funerals explains their religious beliefs regarding life after death: They believe that death is not the end and that life continues in the other world in the same way as it does. made on earth.


Spit out your blessings:

Members of the Masai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania spit as a form of blessing They use this gesture by shaking the hand of an elder as a sign of respect and spitting on newborns to bless them. It is symbolically important to them, and they even have a party where they spit on acquaintances.

It is very important to note that saliva cannot be emitted with displeasure or anger, if not with respect and admiration.


Kidnap the girlfriend:

In the Latuka tribe of Sudan, when a man wants to marry a woman he kidnaps her, although she will be warned in advance, since in order to do so, the man must ask the woman’s hand from his father. If they agree, the father must hit the suitor. Otherwise, you have the option to refuse.


Deep cleaning:

When a person dies in Malawi, the Chewa people take the body to the forest, cut the throat and pour water into the body to clean it well.


Zulu dances:

This male ritual dance of the Zulu tribe that symbolizes life and problems in the community. His dances are one of the most important points, since the steps are executed with a tremor throughout the body. According to this culture, it is to radiate greater strength and homage to the gods.


Khweta ceremony:

This is one of the most important traditions for Africans, since it consists in that men, upon reaching their majority, certify their virility. It consists of transferring the young men to a cabin for circumcision.

In this place they are subjected to various activities, tests and rituals that put their manhood into question.