While it seems certain that travel will return in 2022, there is still a long way to go. So let’s take a look at the new travel trends in Africa.


Enriching travel experiences

Many travelers are looking to reconnect with loved ones. And the wide open spaces of Africa provide some of the best socially distanced breaks and explorations the world has to offer.



As the world emerges from the worst of the pandemic, there is a key focus on the intolerable inequities made manifest by the lockdown and climate change that has become more apparent by the day.
Tourism trends around low-carbon travel will continue to evolve as guests become more vigilant about environmental initiatives.


Greater degree of customization

In addition to travel requirements, guests are looking for a greater degree of personalization and expert guidance in all aspects of their African itineraries.


Travel requirements, health protocols, security measures, and sustainability will remain ongoing topics in 2022.

It’s still going to be a strange time to travel, so bring a level of patience and grace to your travel experience.