Africa is capable of surprising us with its festivals full of cultural activities, so we invite you to learn a little more about the customs and celebrations of this wonderful continent.


Gerewol Festival, Niger

This festival, also known as Cure Salée or «Festival of Nomads», is an annual gathering of the Tuareg and Wodaabe peoples in the city of Ingall, in northern Niger. At the end of September, coinciding with the end of the rainy season, they gather around this festival that serves mainly to arrange marriages and promote pacts between the different clans. Here are the men who are grooming, make up and decorate to try to seduce women. The protagonists are them, the young men.


Festival of Sacred Music of the World of Fez, Morocco

This festival is a 10-day celebration that takes place in mid-summer in the city of Fez, in Morocco. It was created to showcase the main musical traditions of sacred, spiritual and world music, which is why every year the festival celebrates artists of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu and other religions to perform together in a spirit of mutual respect. and collaboration. In addition to attracting attention for the cultural diversity it presents, the Fez Festival is a wonderful tool to raise awareness about Moroccan culture. During the day, you can enjoy it while exploring Fez’medina, souk, mosques, and other highlights of the city.


International Jazz Festival, South Africa

This holiday is celebrated annually in Cape Town, South Africa. Every spring, the city welcomes more than 40,000 jazz lovers who congregate for two days around the sax, piano, bass and trumpet. Since its first edition in 2000, it has been held in March with five stages that host 40 artists, half of whom are South African, and the rest from all over the world. If your dream is to travel to Africa and enjoy jazz at the same time, Cape Town during this festival is your ideal destination.


Zanzibar International Film Festival, Tanzania

Also known as the Dhow Country Festival, it is an annual film festival held in Zanzibar, Tanzania, which aims to promote internationally and develop film and other cultural industries as instruments for social and economic growth in the region. .

During the 10 days for such celebration, programs such as workshops and film competitions, UNICEF life skills camps, ours of historical and cultural towns, among others, are run.