When we consider the things to see in Madagascar, Andasibe National Park is possibly one of our top chosen destinations.

This place has an immense humid jungle, refuge for many animal and plant species. In its 155 square kilometers, it houses the famous Analamazaotra reserve (Ex-Perinet) considered the «home» of the Indri-Indri, the largest primate that we can find on the trip to Madagascar. In the morning you will hear the Indri «sing» in the forest. In fact, there is a great variety of species in addition to lemurs such as chameleons, birds, and also orchids, pandanus and ferns.

If you have many days, congratulations because you will be able to do several circuits and enjoy the wildest nature of the park. Choose well the circuit you want to do and that adapts to your physical condition, you must take into account that this National Park is divided into two different areas: the Analamazaotra Special Reserve and the Mantadia National Park.

This park can be accessed throughout the year. And if you want to visit the park during your stay in Madagascar, you will be interested to know that the park is accessible from the capital, and is about 3 hours away.

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Madagascar is a place very threatened by deforestation, that is why the National Parks are so important, because they protect the natural habitat of thousands of species that can only be seen on the red island.