If you’ve ever dreamed of a place where nature is unleashed in its wildest and most spectacular form, Baboon Cliff is that place that will take your breath away. This fascinating corner of Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park is much more than just a lookout point: it’s an experience that combines adventure, scenic views and close encounters with wildlife.

What is Baboon Cliff?

Baboon Cliff is a breathtaking viewpoint that offers one of the most spectacular views of Lake Nakuru. Its name comes from the most notable local residents: the baboons. These curious and playful primates are often seen in the surrounding area, adding a touch of wildlife to the landscape.

Where is Baboon Cliff?

Located in the heart of Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya’s Rift Valley, Baboon Cliff is easily accessible from the town of Nakuru. This park is one of the most popular safari destinations in the country, known for its incredible biodiversity and large population of flamingos that dye the lake’s waters pink.

What activities can you do at Baboon Cliff?

Enjoy the Panoramic Views: From Baboon Cliff, you will witness a panoramic view that encompasses the entire lake, surrounded by the lush vegetation of the park. This is the perfect place to take postcard-worthy photographs and capture the majesty of the landscape.

2. Wildlife Sightings: While enjoying the view, don’t forget to pay attention to your surroundings. Baboons are not the only inhabitants of the place. It is common to spot antelopes, rhinos and, with a little luck, even lions patrolling their territory.

3. Picnic in Nature: Baboon Cliff is an excellent place to enjoy a picnic. Imagine enjoying lunch surrounded by natural beauty, with the company of baboons (be careful with the food!). Just remember to bring everything you need and leave the place as clean as you found it.

4. Hiking and Exploration: If you enjoy walking, there are several trails that start from the viewpoint that will allow you to explore the surrounding area. These trails will take you through varied landscapes, from dense forests to open meadows, always offering something new to discover.

5. Wildlife Photography: Baboon Cliff is a photographer’s paradise. The combination of diverse wildlife and breathtaking scenery creates endless photographic opportunities. Be sure to bring your camera with a good zoom lens to capture those unique moments.

Tips for your Visit

– Visiting Time: The best time to visit Baboon Cliff is early morning or early afternoon, when the light is perfect for photography and the wildlife is most active.
– Equipment: Bring binoculars to observe the wildlife and a camera to capture the views.
– Caution: Although baboons are an attraction, they can be mischievous. Keep your belongings safe and don’t feed them.


Baboon Cliff is not just a lookout, it is a gateway to Kenya’s untamed beauty. With its breathtaking views and the opportunity to immerse yourself in wildlife, this place is a must-see destination on your next African adventure. So pack your gear, get ready to explore and let Baboon Cliff show you a part of the world that is truly wild and wonderful – see you at the top!