These basic tips for all travelers will serve as a guide before, during and after your trip:


It is likely that you have already heard many of these tips ad nauseam, but it is worth remembering them. So here we leave you some basic tips for all types of travelers that you should take into account before, during and after the trip.


-Once you decide the destination to which you will go on vacation, take into account the season in which you will travel.

-Don’t forget to always pack a formal attire, a swimsuit, sandals and a jacket, even if you think you’re not going to wear it, you never know.

-In addition to bringing your medicines and creams that you use daily, do not forget to always pack mosquito repellent, sunscreen, we are sure that they will be very useful to you.

-If you travel by plane, take with you, in your hand luggage, a change of clothes in case your suitcase gets lost.

-Try some local food and if possible eat at a street stall, make sure that more people are eating there, the food is likely to be delicious, also come and inspect a bit to know that the food is fresh.

-Enjoy intensely your destination, the sunset, the walk, every building you see, that will be what you remember most about your trip.