Probably, on your first trip to the continent of color and the big five, you will feel nervous and anxious to know what you will find.

But rest assured, the Africa travel experts at Only One have created a list of basic tips for your first trip to this great continent.


Find the information of the country you visit

It is important that you look for information related to what vaccines you need, if it is possible to obtain a visa at the airport, the security of each area and the reference numbers of the embassies.


Prepare a small medicine cabinet

A portable medicine cabinet contains bandages, plasters, hydrogen peroxide and all the necessary elements to heal small wounds, it will be super useful in cases of emergencies.


Cover your head if you go on safari

Cover yourself with a hat or cap, drink lots of water and enjoy. It does not take up anything in the suitcase and it will be used every day.


Pack with light clothing

Clothing made of light materials, light colors and loose is the best to feel comfortable during the long day. So don’t forget this point, on which your comfort during your tours will largely depend.


Get vaccinated

No matter how adventurous we are, illnesses make no difference to their victims, and typhoid fever can give us a very bad time.


Do not be afraid

Wars, coups, murders and kidnappings in Africa have been the daily bread in the news since the end of the independences, which is why a novice traveler usually carries with him a ballast of fear that is not necessary to know the continent. Give yourself the opportunity to know their territories beyond what they commonly show.