A traveler is thrown into the adventure on the continent of color, usually do so nervous, anxious to know what you will find. Quiet. You’ll enjoy like never before.

So he follows these tips and enjoy to the maximum:


Looking information visits the country

Do we need vaccines, if possible get the visa at the airport, the security of each zone, reference numbers of embassies … Every little detail matters.


Beware climate

Although most of its countries have a tropical climate throughout the year, it is useful to know when it touches the rainy season.


It light clothing

Clothing lightweight materials, light-colored, loose-fitting is the best to feel comfortable during the long day.


Cover your head if you go on safari

The sun hits almost straight line for countries and joyful day safari spotting animals can end up in deep heatstroke.


A small kit

Easy to buy in drugstores and gas stations. A portable kit contains bandages, plasters, hydrogen peroxide and all the necessary elements for small heal wounds.


Each individual is different

On the continent countless cultures, ethnicities and religions spread. Immerse ourselves in each of these ethnic groups and religions, learn from them, will allow one to make our richest and human journey.


Do not be afraid

Following basic safety standards specified by the MAE, behaving with respect for others and without giving singing, it is safe to travel anywhere in the world.