The islands of the Bazaruto archipelago, in Mozambique, also known as the pearls of the Indian Ocean, are idyllic small islands considered the most beautiful on the continent thanks to the wonders that they present, such as their virgin and crystalline waters, their beaches of dreamy, a three kilometer long coral reef and dive sites up to thirty meters deep.

They are located off the coast of Mozambique, 600 km from Maputo, the country’s capital and a few kilometers from the quiet mainland city of Vilankulo. Made up of five dream islands — Bazaruto (the largest of them all), Benguerra (a mecca for bird fanatics), Santa Carolina (the “paradise island”), Magaruque, and Banque — the archipelago offers both exciting adventures and quiet beach shelters.

The entire set of islands is declared a Marine Park, but which of them to visit? Here is our recommendation of which ones to visit:


Bazaruto Island

It is the main island of the archipelago, where immense sand dunes rise and, on the highest island, stands an old lighthouse.


Benguerra Island

It is surrounded by the southernmost coral reef in Africa, home to more than 200 species of fish and the wonderful dugongs.


Bangé Island

Bangé has a lot to offer: impossible beaches, fine and radiant sand, transparent water here and turquoise there, corals and little fish of thousands of colors.


What to do in Bazaruto?

One of the most incredible experiences to enjoy in the waters of the Bazaruto archipelago is humpback whale watching.

You can also reach a small forest of baobabs, the ‘magic trees’ or ‘trees of life’.

The generosity of the Indian Ocean will allow you to enjoy a unique experience in The islands of the Bazaruto archipelago, with its virgin waters, its dream beaches and its coral reefs, are a real gem. They are rightly called «The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.»