The variety of options that are at hand once you travel to this continent mean that tourists do not stop discovering new adventures every day. For all those who are planning their first trip to Africa, in this article you will learn about some of the benefits that can be obtained by spending a vacation in the main countries of the continent:


-Some national parks and famous reserves such as the Serengeti, Etosha or the Maasai Mara harbor within themselves an entire animal ecosystem that is practically unaltered. In this way, it is possible to view them in their natural environment and witness the hunting behavior of some of those who dominate the food chain. The encounter with wildlife is sure on a trip through Africa.

-New activities to discover: camping in the middle of nature, excursions to archaeological sites, visiting a Maasai village; witness The Great Migration, one of the world’s largest and most famous animal movements, and visit unique places like the Kalahari Desert, rivers like the Zambezi and towering mountains like Kilimanjaro.

-The culture of the tribes: Africa is the oldest continent on Earth. Countries like Kenya and Ethiopia were the first to consolidate throughout the continent and today are home to thousands of tribes with a rich culture. Some of these have their own languages ​​and traditions that have remained intact over the centuries.