Birdwatching is one of the activities that requires great contact with nature that exists and is also growing. And, of course, for lovers of ornithological tourism there is nothing more exciting than seeing this rare species so difficult to spot for a moment.

This activity is based on the art of observing and recognizing the different species of birds by their plumage or song, in such a way that it is important to find a different and conducive environment to observe them; That is why today at Only One we bring you a list of the best bird watching places in Africa for which you can make an inspection and choose the best option.


Kruger National Park, South Africa

While animal lovers keep an eye out for the Big Five, bird watchers can go in search of the avian Big Six: the beaked stork, the kori bustard, the martial eagle, the lapped-faced vulture, the horned owl. Fishing for Pel and Hornbill Ground Including these celebrities, the park is home to more than 500 species of birds. All of this is included in the Kruger National Park.


Chobe River, Botswana

Diversity is key here, with sightings ranging from kingfishers to waders and raptors. Large storks are frequently seen, including the marabou, the saddle bill, and the open bill.


Okavango Delta, Botswana

Possibly one of the best birding destinations on the continent, the Okavango Delta, like a gem, boasts over 500 recorded bird species. It is spectacular throughout the year. Okavango specials include the Slate Egret, Lesser Jacana, and Hartlaub’s Charlatan, while Pel’s Fishing Owls and White-backed Night Herons are also very prominent.

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Djoudj Natural Park, Senegal

It is the third largest ornithological reserve in the world.

It currently maintains around 3 million water birds, in addition to being one of the main resting places in West Africa for migratory species and one of the first sources of water they find after having crossed 200 km of the Sahara.


Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Bathed in turquoise waters and famous for its diving, the Bazaruto archipelago is also a place for bird watching with more than 180 species recorded on its five main islands. It is a winter migration destination for Northern Hemisphere wading birds such as the Lesser Sand Plover and the Gray Plover.

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Birdwatching can be practiced either from national parks, reserves or other environments conducive to the establishment of birds.