In Africa, it is possible to discover a true treasure in the bazaars and small handicraft shops that will surprise you instantly with how they host a great variety of cultures, each characterized by its own language, traditions and characteristic artistic forms.

So today, we will give you a guide to some of the best places in Africa so that you can buy all the souvenirs that you need to remember every minute of your trip through this pleasant continent.


Tetouan, Morocco:

Tetouan is a great commercial city with a thousand shopping options that, since it is not mainly touristy, will offer you incredible prices.

Your first visit to this area of ​​Morocco we recommend that it be through the Artisan Center, in the surroundings of the Ensanche, next to the old railway station. Here, in addition to buying beautiful handicrafts, you can watch the artisans make leather products, weave blankets and work with copper.


Khan El Khalili, Egypt:

The Khan El Khalili or Jan El Jalili, is the most famous market in Egypt and the entire Middle East and is located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, in a walled area with a medieval air in which you can breathe the magnificence of Mamluk architecture.

Here you can find colored lamps, fabrics, handicrafts, jewelry, spices, perfumes, musical instruments and, of course, Egyptian souvenirs and gifts; yes, you can find absolutely everything in this market with more than 800 stalls.


The Maasai Market, Kenya:

For lovers of safaris in Kenya, visiting the Masai market is a unique experience. In this open-air market, travelers can find curiosities, paintings, drawings, clothing and fabrics with East African prints, jewelry and wood carvings, many of them handcrafted in Kenya by local artisans.

Operates for days:

  • Tuesday: Operates at Westgate Shopping Mall in Westlands (the upper parking lot) relocated to Kijabe Street across from the Norfolk Hotel.
  • Wednesday: Capital Center on Mombasa Road near the airport
  • Thursday: Nakumatt Junction Mall on Ngong Road
  • Friday: Village Market in Gigiri (the upper parking lot)
  • Saturday: Superior Court parking lot in the city center (behind the Hilton)
  • Sunday: Yaya Center in Hurlingham


The Namibia Craft Center, Namibia:

Located in the heart of Namibia city and known as the premier arts and crafts retail space, it is a craft hub that has 40 women-owned or community-driven craft businesses hailing from rural communities, various ethnic groups, and projects that provides a platform for crafts.

Here you can find the origin of Africa embedded in every souvenir, painting, jewel and item you get.