How many times have we gotten lost in the streets of a place with which we are not very familiar?

How not to get lost when you travel? We offer you a list of the best travel Apps to walk around as if you were a local.

With our help, you can learn about the best travel apps to help you plan your trip.

Download one or more of these applications that will make your life easier when moving around a foreign city.



We start the list with Google Maps, which is possibly the best known map application of all. And the thing is… who has never used this APP to find out how to get from one point to another in the city?



AroundME locates your position and shows you the nearest banks, bars, restaurants, cinemas, hospitals, banks, gas stations, supermarkets, theaters or taxi stops.



This application not only has maps, but also contains more than 200 tips from local people.



It indicates and assists us when taking public transport. This app already has more than 865 million users in more than 3,200 cities around the world.



A very popular browser among travelers, based on augmented reality (although it also offers a traditional navigation mode).