The Blyde River Canyon Lodge is a hidden gem, nestled alongside the crystal clear waters of the Blyde River and lovingly protected by the majestic Drakensberg Mountains. It is one of the few montane grassland areas in Mpumalanga that still exists, and its grasslands are made up of more than 1000 species of flora, many of which are endemic, rare or in danger of extinction; This rich and varied plant life is influenced by extreme weather, a variety of altitudes, and various soil conditions.

It is the third largest canyon in the world includes curious formations and erosions, which resemble natural pools, offering activities such as rafting through its bold waters, hiking trails and bicycle rides through the Drakensberg mountain range. Hippos and crocodiles live in the rivers and wetlands in and around Swadini Dam, as do waterfowl and otters. Also present are the somango monkey, the greater and lesser nocturnal bushbabies, the chacma baboons and the vervet monkeys.

In the place, you can see the ‘Bourke’s Luck Potholes’ cylindrical sculptures carved by water eddies that have taken thousands of years to form.


Go for the power of viewing wildlife and prehistoric landscapes at The Blyde River Canyon Lodge in Mozambique.