Untouched nature, Botswana with the largest inland delta in the world. Compared to Kenya and South Africa, it is a country unfamiliar to people, but the Okavango Delta, a World Heritage Site, is dotted with luxury lodges and is a popular destination for Westerners as a safari resort. Botswana is attractive because it has a wide variety of safaris and you can easily move to neighboring countries by land.

When visiting Botswana, we often go sightseeing in Victoria Falls, one of the world’s three largest waterfalls located on the border between neighboring Zimbabwe and Zambia. Depending on your travel budget, the content and accommodation will vary, and if your budget is important, you can stay in Zimbabwe and visit Chobe National Park in Botswana on a day trip. For safari in Botswana or for those on a budget, stay in Chobe National Park or the luxury lodges of the Okavango Delta.

Flights from Japan are generally via Johannesburg. To Victoria Falls, take Johannesburg to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or Livingstone Airport in Zambia. To get to Botswana, transfer to Kasane or Maun Airport in Botswana via Johannesburg. When traveling by land from Zimbabwe or Zambia to Botswana, enter from Kasane, Botswana.


Points for choosing a tour
For those who want to visit Victoria Falls and want to keep their budget down, we recommend the compact three-country tour of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. You can customize your trip to your liking by extending your stay in Zambia and adding a variety of activities to Victoria Falls. You can also visit Cape Town in South Africa on a three-hour flight.

If you mainly use Botswana, we recommend a 9-day tour of 3 countries to enjoy a leisurely safari in the Okavango Delta. Take a Cessna plane to the Okavango Delta lodge.

For those who want to visit the Okavango Delta but don’t have the budget, and want an adventurous journey, we recommend Safari Camp, where you can load your camp equipment into your car and stay in your tent as you move around the campsite. Family trips with young children and mixed-load tours alone are also possible.


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Time of travel
Botswana’s most popular sanctuaries, Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta, offer year-round safaris.

In the best season, the dry season from May to October makes it easy to find animals that gather in the water, and the water spreads throughout the Okavango Delta.

Tourists from all over the world gather in August and September, and reservations are made more than a year ago and the price increases.
October and November are the hottest months, and January and February are the peak of the rainy season.

November-April is the beautiful green rainy season, which is the low season. During the rainy season, some lodges and camps are closed.