Yes, it is possible to take pills and medication on the plane. Can you take hydrogen peroxide on the plane? As you will already know if your flight departs from any airport in the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Brazil, USA and South Africa, you can carry liquids, creams or similar in 100 ml containers in your hand luggage -maximum 1 liter in total – which you must transport in a transparent plastic bag with an adhesive or zipper closure. At the security control you must present it separately from your hand luggage.

According to current regulations in the European Union, it is also possible to carry liquid medicines in hand luggage. If requested, you must show the medical report and prescription that testify that you need this treatment.

You may need some of your medications (liquid, gel or aerosol), diet products or insulin during the flight, so keep this in mind to take them out of the travel kit and carry them in your hand luggage. It is convenient to have them in a compartment that is close at hand if they ask you to register your luggage at passenger control. You will need to present a supporting document or doctor’s prescription at security checkpoints if requested.

Think about taking the essential medications with you in case the suitcase is lost or there is a delay in delivery. In this link you can consult the regulations of AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation).