“Can you travel without speaking English?” Or how difficult is it to communicate without English?

When you are in a place where they do not speak the same language then it can be quite disconcerting but it does not have to be and we will explain below.


It is true that English is the universal language, being able to speak and understand it will make your trip easier, but what happens when the person you want to communicate with does not speak English?

The first idea that we want to make clear is: do not limit your desire to travel because you do not speak English, the people of the country you are traveling to probably will not either.

So if it is not possible to communicate in English or in another language, what do you do?:


The language you learn is basically determined by where you are born or the language of your parents, however, emotions, desires and expressions are universally recognized and are not limited to words or verbal language. It is true that there are non-verbal expressions that are culturally conditioned, that is, they vary from the country or region of the world that you belong to, but in general any desire or emotion that you want to convey can be done without speaking.

Your body language says more than you think but you are not aware of it until you are forced to communicate in this way.

By understanding the relevance of body language, you will realize that you are capable of expressing more than you think with a simple gesture.

Do not despair or be afraid of being wrong, at the beginning of any trip you will make many mistakes and perhaps you will misinterpret the answers you were given, it is normal, but with time and practice it will become part of your nature to ask the right questions.