Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa, presenting an infinite number of distinctive curiosities, magical secrets of bygone times and awe-inspiring nature. In South Africa it is known as «Mother City» (mother city), for being the first city founded in the country, after the arrival of the Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias in 1486.


Unmissable places in Cape Town

Boulders Beach

This place is home to a colony of 3,000 African penguins. There are so many that you can even bathe with them in the turquoise waters, as long as you resist the intense smell they give off and their pecks.


District Six Museum in the City bowl

This museum is a necessary place to delve into the history of this city, it was built to honor those who were forcibly evicted from their homes in the area in the mid-1960s, the South African government began relocating some 60,000 residents who weren’t white to a slum city and destroyed their homes to make the neighborhood all-white.


Table Mountain

This mountain dominates all of Cape Town, has a height of 1,085 meters above sea level, and an area of ​​221 square kilometers. It is accessed through the cable car, and once up, you will enjoy phenomenal views of the city.