Close to Cape Town city centre, there are colorful and pop residential areas. It is a famous tourist destination because it is lined with pretty colorful houses and looks great in photos. This is a district called Bokarp and is designated as a World Cultural Heritage Site. This is a recommended spot that you definitely want to visit when you come to Cape Town.

Houses around this area were originally rented to people from Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa and other countries who came as slaves in the 1760s. For that reason, this area has been called Murray Quarter.

At that time, the color of all the houses in the Bokarp district was unified to white. It is said to be due to the idea of ​​»must be white» by white supremacy. Eventually, this rule was lifted, and when slaves were allowed to buy properties, all homes were repainted in bright colors by the inhabitants as a «symbol of freedom.»

Even now, most of the residents are descendants of immigrants at that time, who have lived for generations. The oldest building in Bokarp is now open to the public as a museum. The interior exhibits furniture used in 19th-century Cape Malay dwellings, and you can visit it to see how the Cape Malays lived at the time. Elsewhere, the Bokarp district is home to South Africa’s first Muslim mosque, and you can see Table Mountain across the city and Signal Hill from the other side, walking. You will soon come across a scene that makes you want to take out the camera.

You can enjoy traditional Cape Malay cuisine only in the Bokarp district. Cape Malay cuisine is a mixture of Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian and Dutch cuisine, often using fruits, vegetables and meat, with spices being the decisive factor. You can also buy fragrant curry and samosas at food stalls and restaurants, so it might be a good idea to try it as a snack.

See it with your eyes and taste it with your tongue. The Bokarp district where you can enjoy such things. The colorful and cute cityscape is also popular as an’instagram’spot because it is a photo shoot. However, since the Bokarp district is a general residential area, of course, there are people who live in each house. It is taboo to enter the premises of the house. Why don’t you take a walk while enjoying shooting while observing modest manners?