As far as the climate is concerned, Kenya has different climatic varieties depending on the area.

If you are thinking of visiting this fascinating country, take note, since at Only One we will advise you on the best time to travel to Kenya based on the weather.


When to travel to Kenya?

The weather in Kenya can be divided into 2 main seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. Obviously the dry season is the best to visit Kenya.

The months of January to March or July to October are the perfect time to enjoy a safari in Kenya as you can enjoy the migration of animals such as wildebeest or zebra due to the scarcity of water. A really wonderful show.

To discover a little-known area of ​​Kenya, home to the Samburu and other Kenyan ethnic groups, you should know that it is a very arid region. In the north the temperature will be between 20ºC and 40ºC depending on the season, so it is better to visit it between November and December.

The months of January and February, as well as September and October are the most recommended for hiking and discovering the wonders of this national park declared a World Heritage Site.

In any case, it is best to adapt the dates of the trip to the region you want to visit, since the country has a great climatic diversity.