Christmas carols are also sung in Africa, both in the northern and southern regions. And it is that 350 million Christians live on the continent. For example, in the Congo there are many individuals and groups of carol singers who walk all over the village while singing. Then they get ready and go to the church to make their offerings. Once the service is over, friends are invited to organize a dinner at home.

In Ghana, Christmas carols are also sung in the streets and houses are decorated from the first week of Advent, although it is also the time when cocoa is harvested, which is a time of prosperity.

For its part, in the Congo, where 80% of the population is Christian, musical events are held in which up to six choirs participate. Then there are plays in which scenes from the Bible are recreated, both from Genesis and the Birth of Jesus, which usually takes place around midnight. Usually the plays end around 1am, but the music in many cases doesn’t stop until dawn. At 9 in the morning they meet again in the church for the Christmas mass, where they sing and play instruments. In addition, special meals are usually prepared that are not usually taken at other times of the year.