Cultural diversity is one of the most interesting human qualities. And surely many of us love to discover how the most iconic dates are celebrated in different parts of the world and, well, today, it is up to the African continent to be the protagonist:

Unless you are in the Atlas in Morocco, the chances of enjoying a white Christmas are very few. However, even in Muslim-majority countries, Christmas is a day to live as a family, joining the Christian celebration because they recognize Jesus as a prophet. In Senegal, for example, street vendors also sell inflatable Christmas trees and Santa Clauses.

In South Africa, special projections and floorshows are held in the most important cities of the country, the natives use pine branches to decorate their houses and there is never a lack of the traditional Christmas tree, where gifts for children are placed. It should be noted that in this country they have their own tree, different from the one we are used to seeing. It consists of a wire structure and decoration of autochthonous symbols, such as Ndebel symbols and Zulu dolls. In South Africa there is no snow, since Christmas coincides with summer, but there are many wild flowers and its inhabitants love to show off this color, using them to decorate many of the towns.

In Liberia, it is common for houses to place an oil palm as a Christmas tree decorated with bells.